We have worked with many clients who have had recent experience with suicidal thoughts, or attempts. This is an area many therapists do not wish to work in, and one that is fraught with liabilities. As a result many agencies and therapists will not take on clients who have had recent suicide attempts.

In our practice we will work with clients who are struggling in this area. Unlike many agencies we are prepared to work with clients where addictions persist and the ongoing risk of suicide remains.

We have had substantial success in this area. We do however reserve the right to choose not to work with a client, without the need to provide a reason.

In many cases the client has been failed by both medical and addictions support services. Our role is to lay out positive options and a set of goals to help the client move ahead. We will work with the client, often on a daily basis, setting out a regime that is likely to result in a positive change in mindset.

Clients in this area of our practice are often teen or young adult, and introduced to us by a parent, or parents. Sometimes they can be reluctant to engage, but generally we win them over. Our approach is one which draws on both physical and emotional development for the period directly following a suicide attempt.

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