Why Other Diet Systems Fail

Diets are big business. And anywhere you find the lure of financial gain you’ll find a broad spectrum of practitioners – from the sincere to the charlatan. Our system has worked for many clients over the years and draws on well established practices – both in terms of diet and in terms of exercise.

Many diets simply restrict the way you use foods. You may lose some weight initially, but as soon as the diet is eased, it comes right back on again. This is because you are asked to address your issue at a conscious level, while the problem lies at an entirely subconscious level. Simply reducing calories leave the person dieting ‘lighter’, but so dissatisfied it is only a matter of time before their diet fails and they revert to their former weight. It does nothing to address the way they actually use and think about food. You are left quite literally struggling against a part of you that ‘wants more’. That’s not a fight you can win. Additionally most diet systems entirely fail to address an essential aspect of healthy living – exercise. A diet that has no exercise component is not a diet; it’s a con.

Beware of terms like ‘Virtual Gastric Band‘ hypnosis. Such ideas are compelling because they seem to promise zero effort and apparently remarkable returns. While low on scientific evidence they are high on hype. There are serious questions about the efficacy of such systems. The long term effects of these programs have not been studied, and so no evidence really exists of their effectiveness – regardless of the great marketing that backs them up.

Simply choosing to buy food that is labeled ‘Low Fat’, or distributed by a pyramid scheme marketing method, is not going to work. Your intent is good, but you are being sucked into the common misconception that there is an easy solution. There isn’t.

The marketing of weight loss products and diets is a massive business. As a marketing exercise, the company that produces the easiest system to use, at a suitable price, with the lowest cost of marketing, stands to make a great deal of money. There’s a problem with this. At no point does it take into account your success or failure to lose weight. The stakes are high, and there’s no shortage of charlatans out there to snap up a few dollars. Assure yourself of the success of the system you go with, before parting with any money. People are very quick to take advantage of others insecurities about self image and weight. It is, unfortunately, a bit of a shark tank out there.