We offer a tasty variety of succulent options in our weight loss program. Working with our team you can engage in our four session Healthy Eating And Weight Management program. Angie works with groups or individuals interested in creating a total weight loss regime. All our therapists are trained to work with you with an existing program, supplementing your existing system.

Hypnotherapy has long been used to manage weight issues.  Our record in this area is solid – we have great success helping clients manage weight issues.

And yet, in most cases weight is not the issue at all.  There are many instances when the use of food, and unhealthy eating habits, are the result of other issues which our clients have been troubled by for a long time. It’s actually quite rare for the weight issue to be a stand alone issue.

This is one very good reason why many diets simply don’t work.  The underlying issue goes unaddressed, and after a determined but temporary effort on the part of the client, the weight simply returns.

When you use hypnosis to address weight issues you will change not only the eating behavior, but also the underlying belief system.  This is precisely why our healthy eating program is so effective. People report not only losing weight, but feeling better and more positive generally.

Now that’s progress!

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