We are pleased to offer our distance clients our services via Skype. All our services can be delivered via Skype, and we have had great success in this area since we first started using Skype as a delivery method in 2007.

We welcome enquiries from clients wishing to use our counselling and hypnosis services. Please be aware you will be requested to take care of payment prior to the session, either one, three or five sessions being invoiced to you as you talk to your therapist. Once this transaction shows up as paid (usually immediately) your session will begin.

Please use the¬†Request An Appointment¬†form to set up your Skype hypnosis session. We suggest making sure the session takes place in a location in which you will not be disturbed by ringing phones, pets jumping on you or children poking you with a stick… Yes, it happens.

Your Skype session is a powerful process used to manage the issues you wish to confront. Please be sure to be completely committed to the process and reserve sufficient time to complete the session in a comfortable and safe environment.