Hypnosis and Schizophrenia

Few studies exist regarding hypnosis and the treatment of schizophrenia. Some work has been done though it is largely inconclusive. However, experience shows an interesting result with clients who we have worked with. We consistently see that schizophrenic clients that receive hypnosis to manage anxiety associated with the disorder have less frequent schizophrenic episodes, and the episodes are less intense.
We do not have a ‘cure’ for schizophrenia.  Nonetheless there is a role for hypnosis to relieve the issue and to contribute to a reduction in the impact of schizophrenia.

Generally when we see a client suffering with hypnosis we tend to see them for an extended number of sessions, usually once a week.  In extreme situations it may help relieve clients who are going through very frequent episodes to have a more frequent schedule of visits. We continue to develop treatment plans in this area.

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