Many men suffer from premature ejaculation at some time. For men who suffer with it more than 50% of the time it is an issue they should address through some form of therapy. Hypnotherapy or self hypnosis is one method that can be effective.

Definitions of premature ejaculation have ranged from “coming within six thrusts” to “coming within two minutes” and even “coming before your partner”. The last one can be particularly misleading if you have a partner who likes to take up to an hour to reach orgasm.

If you are uncomfortable with your performance, this therapy is a great starting point. The therapy you download for this will allow you to work on this privately. Listen to it nightly and you’ll find it helps. Put it on prior to sleep and allow it to put you to sleep.

In this therapy, Hypnotherapist Kari takes you through a process that will help overcome your issue.

Download the therapy below by following the instructions below.

USD $9.95