Imagine, finding that this body you’ve always cared for and is in pretty good shape, out of the blue has a serious and unavoidable illness. Yes, that’s the reaction many people – including me – have when they learn they are a type 2 diabetic.

I cycle everyday, swim and do yoga, and yet here I am learning that in spite of all that, the machine is not quite 100% anymore. My doctors comments were quite illuminating.

“Ok, so your mother had diabetes, her mother had diabetes, your father had diabetes… Just how did you think you were going to avoid it?”

And that’s how it happens. So, now I have to drastically reduce my sugar intake, remove some favoured foods entirely or loose 15 years off my life ¬†and start throwing out one of the new pairs of shoes I buy, as I will likely loose a foot. That’s also really bad for my ballroom dancing career – which in truth has not progressed beyond a few drop in lessons.

All that said, if I handle this right I will likely do just fine. With the help of my wife, some good nutrition advice and hypnotherapy, I immediately changed my eating habits. I now never allow myself to get hungry, I balance carbs and protein carefully, and through careful dietary management have avoided the use of insulin entirely.

At Vancouver Hypnotherapy we help many people adjust their eating habits, using a common sense approach, and assist in their transition to a diabetes aware approach to food. If you need some help, call us on 604 484 0346. We can make this transition easier and that means living longer. Not a bad idea!