What are the Signs and Effects of Bulimia?

Signs of Bulimia:
1. Swollen cheeks or jaw
2. Dehydration
3. Binge eats
4. Calluses or sores on knuckles
5. Going frequently to the bathroom after meals
6. Misuse of diuretics, laxatives or enemas
7. Stomach problems
8. Feels out of control when eating
9. Secretive about eating, or hides food
10. Broken blood vessels in the eyes

Bulimia has a whole array of medical complications that can arise as the disorder worsens. These effects will infiltrate every inch of the body both physically and mentally.

Some effects of bulimia are:
Physical Effects
* Irregular heart rhythms, heart failure
* Dry skin, callused or sore knuckles
* Sore, swollen cheeks
* Increase in cavities, tooth enamel loss, gum disease
* Stomach ulcers
* Rupturing of the esophagus, soreness
* For women, irregular periods
* Complications of the intestines
* Dependency on laxatives

Emotional Effects
* Depression
* Fluctuating emotions
* Feelings of anxiousness
* Poor self-image
* Feeling out of control
* Isolating oneself from others