Over the years we have developed a wide range of services. Our experience as a therapy group is now very broad. So much so that even listing all our services has become a challenge.


We’ve become leaders in the servicing and monitoring of clients success and progress. So much so that our software is now adopted by leading practices worldwide, under license to VHI. To help you understand what we provide, and what users of hypnotherapy come for, we’ve drawn on this data and produced the chart below.


VAncouver Hypnotherapy Services



The information above is based on 3 years of our tracked clients. The best way to find the various services we offer is to use the search bar on the top right of this page, or to use the navigation bars at the head and left side of your screen. If you are in doubt, call us on 604 484 0346.


You can also browse services listed in the menus at the head of this page and to the left. Each page lists additional services – so you may find it helpful to drill into the information.


How long does it take to work on an issue using hypnotherapy?


We have 7 years of information on which to draw on. This gives us a pretty clear idea of how long an issue takes to work on – though of course this is really just a guideline. Particularly, the area of addiction is extremely complex and it is very hard to generalise. Given that, the table below gives a pretty good idea how long any issue is likely to take to work on.


Issue Typical Number of Session*  
Depression 5  
Anxiety 3  
Relationship issues 5  
Phobias 2  
Quitting smoking 1.18  
Weight loss 4  
Sexual dysfunction 5  
Low self-esteem 3  
Eating disorders 5  
Addictions (generally) 6  

* This is based on 5 years of Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. data working with clients presenting this issue. It should not be taken as either a guarantee or limitation, but purely as a guideline based on past experience.


Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. is the leading hypnosis clinic of its kind. We welcome the opportunity to provide you with the best possible service. We also welcome your phone calls and email. We can be reached by email on admin@vancouverhypnotherapy.org . If all our therapists are with clients please leave a message and we will return the call usually within a few hours. Our office number is: 604 484 0346.