One of the most popular areas we can help with is the training of sales teams. We provide an afternoon seminar which addresses confidence in sales, retaining motivation, and discipline in managing the workflow.

Why use a hypnotherapist to train staff? Well, it’s quite simple. We include a group hypnosis session to instill the confidence your staff require. We also include the motivational aspects that will drive them to a greater level of success. We pack a heavy punch, in a short period of time. This makes our training extremely cost effective.

The training adds a cohesive quality to the sales team, increases their confidence and empowers them. These are all qualities that combine to create a more effective team. Effective teams hunt better than ineffective ones.

This is not a new area for us. We’ve been providing training of this type to individuals for many years, and online worldwide we sell a system called ‘Successful Sales and Marketing Training’.

The two and a half hour seminar is suitable for teams from 5 to 500. It can be tailored to your own needs, and references your own specific requirements. Key focus points are:

    • Lead generation and management.
    • The importance of your network and how to use it.
    • Understanding why people buy your products or services.
    • Managing the sales process from enquiry, to sale and through the life cycle of the client relationship.
    • Understanding how the sales team fits in the corporate body.

We spend two hours prior to the seminar working with your own staff to understand the needs of your company, and how we will integrate our training directly with your systems. The seminar itself lasts two and a half hours. This can be arranged on site, or if necessary we will organise a suitable outside venue.

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What makes a great Salesperson?


Ask this guy… We can’t necessarily make your staff quite like this, but we can give them greater confidence in their product and their role in your company.