Rapid Alcohol Reduction

We often work with clients who need to reduce their alcohol use. In some instances they have been violent, often to members of their own family. We have a process that allows a non judgemental approach to alcohol reduction.

Initially you meet with either of our senior therapists. During this interview we discuss the details of the issue. You are then assigned a hypnotist to reduce your alcohol use. In this initial interview the details of your action are discussed, but subsequently you will work with a hypnotist technician purely on reduction techniques.

Once your hypnotist is assigned you a taken through a hypnosis based therapy which puts you on a path to alcohol reduction. Your hypnotist during this process acts as a technician and there is no requirement to divulge details of your actions. Your therapist acts purely to instil lower alcohol consumption.

Later, if you choose to, you can look at the causes in greater detail in a counselled therapy setting.

This system has been designed for those clients who need rapid reduction, and have to detox quickly. It is an intervention method designed to help rapid step down in the use of alcohol, to allow subsequent management of the issue. Many clients on this program subsequenly continue with us in a therapy model that does include greater discussion around the use of alcohol and causes of alcohol abuse.