Testimonials: Quitting Smoking


We monitor our clients closely after their session, below is a small sample of some of the responses to our enquiries.


“Happy Holidays Rob!

Thank you for everything; I have made it to 13 months smoke free – not even a puff in that time.
Thank you for all your support and the amazing techniques.  I am so happy to be a non-smoker and will never go back!
Best wishes to you in the New Year!
Kind Regards;



“Hey Rob, I feel so great – It’s a full week since I saw you for treatment and wow, all I have to say is am I ever glad I did this!!!  I have this feeling of elation that hasn’t faded since I was brought to after hyponosis.  Only minor thoughts of cigs (filthy things), but they come quickly and leave just as quickly as they came. L”


“This is Denise, the lady you hypnotized  on August 8/09.

Well,after smoking for 55 years and trying everything to help me quit, You are the only one who succeeded in helping me quit.
It Worked.   I was not to sure that it would, but I have not purchase any cigarette and I am doing great.  – Denise “


“The download worked, thank you very much Rob! – Bobby”


1.  I have not smoked since our last appointment!!!!

2.  Your friend Chris thinks he has found a car for me!!!!

3.  Enjoy your vacation!!!!



“Hi Rob, i just wanted to let you know that i havnt touched or craved a smoke since I saw you and i feel really good and i can exercise alot better!!!! I just wanted to thank you for what you did for me and i will never forget it because you saved my life and freed me. It feels so wierd not having cigarettes in the back of my mind anymore i was going crazy lol. I also wanted to let you know that i went to the sauna and swiming 3 times this week and ive been working out everyday now. Once again i cant thank you enough. Arishia’


There are many, many more.