How will it feel when I quit?

Some people fear the prospect of ending their reliance on tobacco. The prospect of feeling healthier and having more money competes with the inertia of “quitting next month … or sometime….” It doesn’t have to be that way.

Below is the text of an email received from a recent client, telling how they were doing shortly after therapy to free them from tobacco use.


This client’s experience is not untypical of a client who uses hypnosis to overcome their habit.

Without hypnosis, within one week most people quitting smoking would have experienced nervousness, insomnia and a degree of anxiety – as well as possible weight gain. As can be seen from my client’s email, this was not the case for him.


Some clients see a cigarette as their friend. Giving up smoking can be daunting and frightening. Hypnosis does address this directly – we quite literally change the way you think about smoking.



Email from a client:

“Well Rob, yesterday was seven days into quitting! I’m really excited, I haven’t even thought that I would falter once this week but what a strange feeling it’s been.


Usually when quitting I would get really stressed out and preoccupied with thoughts of failing and just general anxiety. This last week has been so much different from that. When I first left your office I was a bit skeptical but I still had an open mind. I walked outside and to the right of your building there is a convenience store. I went in and purposely bought some water just to see if it really could take my mind off smoking.


I couldn’t believe it but it really worked!! All week I’ve been confident that I was going to stop smoking this time but still I wasn’t sure what to expect from what we did in therapy.


I wasn’t sure if there was a time-line in that my state of mind would revert back to its old ways, or I would just continue along not worring about smoking. There were quite a few moments where I thought I might break down but even at the worst of those moments I didn’t feel one tenth the anxiety I would normally feel about giving in.

So even though smoking was on my mind it was really easy to say ‘NO’ and start thinking of something else. It’s maybe a bit premature but I feel as though I can confidently say that I am no longer a smoker!! It feels great!

It’s been a huge burden to carry for so many years and I’m absolutely elated to be rid of it. There were many times in my life where I thought quitting to be an impossible task but you made it so easy for me!


I really want to say thank-you so much! There isn’t enough ways to say thank-you, you’ve given me a longer, happier life, you’ve made me feel much healthier and you’ve saved me a ton of money in the future.


I feel like there were so many things in life that smoking was holding me back from and now I have the confidence to tackle those old goals and shift my life back into gear.


Once again thank-you sooo much for giving me this gift and I will be sure to keep in touch and let you know how things are going in the long term.



This is an actual email, unedited. May 2007