You’ll know when it’s time. It will be the day when you wake up and find the thought of that once cherished first cigarette is something that you feel disgusting about.

It will be the day when you find that heavy morning cough is too much, and the taste on the inside of your mouth repels you. It will be the day when you notice that others are energized and you just feel tired.

flowergirlFor some people it will be the day that you notice others around you seem disappointed by the fact that you just don’t seem to value your health as much as you really should. And for some it will be when they look at their children and decide, “I really want to see them grow up and live long lives.”

For some people it’s the moment that they realize they’ve just grown beyond that time in their lives when it was OK to smoke.

When it’s time you’ll know and we’ll be here to help you stop.

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