I am often asked to help clients with public speaking. In a typical case the client is asked to speak in front of a group, perhaps a larger group than they are used to, and they are a little anxious about it. In many cases they are excelling in their career, and as is often the cases with their progress comes the need to address or present to large groups of their peers.

For some clients it is quite simply a case of ‘getting through this presentation’. For others it is a case of developing a skill which will be used throughout their future. In each case hypnotherapy can be used to great effect.

Some basic tips to help with public speaking:


    • Know your material. Try to avoid running into trouble because you simply don’t have the information. Having a written speech is often not the right way to go. Far better to have noted a few statistics and then using a free flow of speech to get two or three bullet points of information across.
    • Don’t be afraid of the White Board. What you write, you often don’t have to say. When it comes to explaining complicated timelines, processes and data it can be very valuable to use all the presentation aids you can. Prepare the white board before your presentation, and then ‘describe what you are looking at’.
    • As a presenter you are just helping the audience along to a conclusion. You don’t need to force feed them – just shepherd them gently along.
    • You are probably more judgmental than your audience. Put yourself in your audiences shoes. When you were listening to a presentation like the one you  are about to give, how critical of the presenter were you? If you are typical, you were interested, wanted to hear what they had to say, and actually didn’t really care what color tie they wore. Go easy on yourself.
    • Practice your speech in the bath, without a script (or an audience). It simply helps.
    • Use index cards to note three bullet points that you need to get across. Trying to get more across in most circumstances doesn’t work. Your audience simply doesn’t have the capacity to remember more than three things at a time.
    • Some people find it helps to get into an early morning yoga class before going to work that day. Surprising as it may seem, it can be very helpful.
    • If it is a morning presentation, be sure to have breakfast. Not just a bagel. Eat a proper high protein meal and prepare to knock them dead.
    • Your presentation starts when you arrive at work, not when you stand up to speak. Walk into work confidently, stand tall. This is your moment. Enjoy it.
  • Don’t take things too seriously. Every one in the room has experienced a fear of public speaking – even if it was a long time ago. You will overcome it and you’ll do fine.


I have had many clients who have successfully overcome the fear of public speaking. Should you need help to overcome a single instance, or help to manage a new and lasting role, I am very happy to help.

Rob Hadley CHt.,


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