We frequently work with clients to help manage chronic pain. Additionally we are often asked to help clients recovering from surgical operations. Being so close to the Oncology Department at VGH we are regularly asked to assist our various clients there.

In a 1993 research paper Marc Marcuse of the University of California reported the following:

“Hypnosis has long been understood to produce varied effects in subjects. Although the public at large tends to associate hypnosis with stage performances and bad sit-com episodes, the medical community has approached the topic in a different vein. Originally viewed as a magical cure-all, hypnosis has undergone tremendous amounts of scientific testing in modern times. When used in an appropriate manner, hypnosis has proven itself to be an effective tool in the management of pain and pain perception.

His entire paper can be readĀ here.

The British Medical Association has long held the opinion that hypnosis has a significant role to play in pain control. The Annual Meeting of the BMA, in 1892, unanimously endorsed the therapeutic use of hypnosis. James Braid pioneered this approach in the 1840’s. A detailed description of Braids work can be foundĀ here.


Braid In this undated image surgeon James Braid is shown with a client. His is attempting to hypnotise her and not saying “I’m sorry, Ma’am, your credit card appears to not be working…”, as might be supposed.RH


We are always happy to work with clients to control pain. Should you be confined to Vancouver General Hospital please let us know and we can make arrangements for off site work.