Here’s what one client said about working on depression using hypnosis:

“Hi Rob,

I’ve been telling people about you ever since last Thursday, when you first saw me.  I felt great the next day.  And a couple of days later I remember walking down the street with my head up.  It dawned on me what I was doing and I couldn’t help but smile.  So I was walking down the street with my head held high and this dumb smerk on my face.  I haven’t done that since I can remember.  You were a part of what made this happen and I’d like to thank you.


Feelings of depression are often accompanied by a sensation of not belonging. At Vancouver Hypnotherapy we often work with clients who have suffered from depression. Our approach is to address the issues directly, as well as motivating the client into a new set of behaviours and appropriate beliefs.

In the talk below Amy Cuddy talks about her own experiments with the use of body language to help overcome negative feelings.


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Online Tools:

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