We see many clients to overcome nail biting with hypnotherapy. This is a relatively simple process and should not be over loaded with a search for deeper issues. Typically a client will see us for one or two sessions to overcome a problem biting nails.

Whilst some adults do bite nails, it’s more often the teenagers that have a challenge with this. With this in mind we have a young female hypnotherapist specifically tasked with working with teens on this issue.

nails Onychophagia or nail biting affects about 45% of teenagers. It can be a source of embarrasment and discomfort because of the negative body image it creates. This can escalate to other negative behaviour if left unaddressed.It is easily solved with hypnotherapy, and we have had many successes in this area.


Don’t hesitate to contact us to deal with this issue. Our offices on Broadway and Oak Street are open until 8 pm and parents can either sit in on sessions or request the session recorded on secure video.