Hypnosis to Enhance Sports Performance

We get asked for all kinds of help. In many instances we help athletes and professional sportsmen and women, to gain an edge. Below are a couple of examples.
This is a recent request, which we fulfilled.

Hi Rob
Here is what I want to be reminded of please.
The Golf Swing
1. Low – slow and outside with a full shoulder turn with a mental check to see the club face is toe up
2. Relaxed arms and hands (low tension) so the club drops well in the transition assisted by the lower body (recall the drill – dropping the club from the top)
3. From the top feel the weight begin to move from the ball of the right foot, finishing with weight on the left heal – head behind the ball in balance with good rotation and finish with the belt buckle aiming at the target.

Best regards


Our client’s golf swing improved. Additionally we worked on other aspects of his game that required a little attention. He’s doing very well with it now.


Consistent winners do so by being determined, focused and through planning. We win through hard work and planning. Professionals know accidental wins are few and far between. It’s nice when it happens, but you can’t depend on it.


Below is an edited case file relating to one of our clients and their tennis skills. The name has been changed.

Case File 10665:
Rachel had only been playing tennis for five years, but in that time had progressed to the top level of the club. Now she wanted to take things a step further. She didn’t want to feel the fear associated with some types of play. She felt feelings of distraction and annoyance if a player returned the ball in a messy or sloppy way. She wanted a clean and fast game.

She was also extremely good at it. In her five years of playing she had progressed remarkably. She had recovered from debilitating surgery, and when she’d been told by her doctor that she should not take up any sport that was physically demanding she promptly decided she would master tennis.
Flying in the face of medical opinion Rachel worked and worked and brought herself up to a standard of both physical excellence and technical excellence that no one would have believed she was capable of, while she had been in that hospital bed. But, of course, the game is not just physical. Rachel’s determination was unquestionable. There is however a moment when a sportsman reaches deep inside themselves and finds that other place, and delivers the victorious shot drawing on that feeling. Truly great athletes know this feeling. It cannot exist without the technique and application they learn from their coach, but without this primal drive technique and application will take the player only so far.

One sees these qualities in many top level athletes. I have worked with NHL players, runners, triathletes and many others. Drawing on the base instincts of power and assertiveness can be the difference between winning and losing.
In Rachel’s case I used the image of a mother protecting her village and her children, armed only with a small wooden club (or tennis racket) to create a version of herself that radiated aggression and resilience. To a would-be aggressor (opponent) this would be both intimidating and overwhelming.
In the season following her hypnosis training she excelled beyond expectation. She now plays at a good professional level.

It is not at all unusual to bring in professional help to improve your game. You would be very surprised at the requests we receive and who makes them. We can help put you on the winners podium.

Contact us today if you’d like us to work on a specific aspect of your game.