I’ve been telling everyone about the amazing experience I had with hypnotheraphy last week, My husband, who has witnessed my past needle hysteria (shaking and sobbing, hyperventilating, physically defending myself from anyone approaching me with a needle), absolutely couldn’t believe when I told him that I had the bloodwork done and felt calm and relaxed. I Can’t thank you enough,


We regularly work with clients who have a fear of needles, or of blood tests. This is not an uncommon fear, and often has aspects that are quite unique. For example, it’s quite normal for someone with a fear of needles to have no sense of ‘squeamishness’. While this can seem counterintuitive, the fear of needles can be far more complex than an association with pain.

In some instances we see that the fear of needles is equated to ‘an invasion’ at a deep personal and physical level. In one case, a client who had blood forcibly taken, described exactly the same feelings of invasion which we see when working with victims of rape and sexual violence. While this is obviously an extreme case, there is a level of fear experienced by anyone who has a fear of needles that does seem out of proportion, when taken at face value – however is very deeply felt and has to be managed very sensitively.

Call it a fear of needles – belonephobia, or trypanophobia – it’s a serious issue and one which complicates otherwise simple situations.  Our experience has been that hypnosis based therapies easily manage the situation or completely overcome the issue.

It is not unusual for us to ask a client to bring their requisition for tests to our office and then to go with them to a lab beside our office, work with them in hypnosis there, and for them to leave the lab completely calm and settled.  Generally there is a sense of euphoria and relief following the tests. If you would like us to help you through your blood test, or help you overcome the situation completely, please contact us.