We help many clients overcome their fear of flying (aerophobia). Some come into our offices, others simply use the downloadable tools we provide. Either way you, like many before you, can easily let go of the fear of flying and start enjoying your journeys the way you should.

One approach is to look for the original cause of the issue. This is what might be called a classical approach to dealing with issues in hypnotherapy. It works well, however can sometimes takes a few times to really reveal what is the true cause. You can read in detail about a treatment I did using this method on my blog, here. This is also carried on numerous hypnotherapy websites as it is considered a classic example of the use of regression in hypnosis.

fear_flyThe second approach is to take advantage of the short term effects of hypnosis. In the downloadable therapy, which obviously precludes the use of interactive discussion in hypnosis, we use a process of reinforcement to get you safely through the flight. After doing this once or twice the likely effect is that you have effectively desensitized yourself to the original cause of the phobia.

In nature we find the greatest expertise in aviation. One pilot friend of mine explained this succinctly by saying – ‘they get more flight hours than us…’ If you think about the way the albatross uses the aerofoil of its wing, combined with balance, you can see the secret to its effortless flight. You will notice it dips its head slightly, tipping its balance down which results in a slight drop. This results in an increase in speed, which in turn generates more lift as the air passes over the aerofoil of its wing. It glides easily and perfectly.

Any aerofoil moving through air creates lift. Even the moving air of a windy island provides enough lift over the wings for this magnificent bird to achieve flight. It appears to hover as it balances lift and the shape of its aerofoil. It even appears to apply flaps as it lands.

The aerofoil is one of our greatest achievements. With no moving parts it still can fly. Add an engine and you have the beauty of flight.

It is something to celebrate; not fear.

Downloadable MP3 Therapy

Our downloadable MP3 for this treatment has helped many clients. Additionally you may want to load it to your MP3 player and take it to their airport. It’s best to use it once or twice before going, but take it with you and you’ll find it helps.

This is a therapy designed to relieve stress and a fear of flying. I get asked for this regularly. Clients often come to my office looking for relief from the issue and I am always pleased to help. As a keen flyer – I hold a private pilots license with night rating and numerous types of aircraft endorsed – I feel strongly that the joy of flight is something everyone should be free to enjoy.

This MP3 therapy is specifically to train you to get on that plane without fear and relax throughout your journey. I often suggest clients use it in conjunction with another therapy which they can enjoy during the course of the flight. Find the MP3 here.