Eating Disorders

Our work in eating disorders has resulted in successful treatment for many clients. Our work with eating disorders has consistently out performed many other forms of treatment, including residential care, and inpatient programs.

Most eating disorders go back to deeply held subconscious beliefs. While attempting to address these through various forms of psychotherapy and counselling can have a benefit in the long term, hypnotherapy is the quickest way to make rapid change, and effect lasting improvements in both bulimic and anorexic behaviour.

Rob Hadley has provided training in this specialist field for years, and is recognised as a leader in the field of bulimia treatment using hypnosis based therapies. All our therapists are fully trained in both bulimia and anorexia treatment methods and we are pleased to support clients either as an intervention method, or over the long term.

Email like the one below, from a bulimia client, is quite normal.


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We have created a great reputation in the field of eating disorders, treating clients and also training therapists in the management of clients suffering from these debilitating illnesses. The way hypnotherapy works with eating disorders is surprising, in some instances producing rapid and transforming results. Call us today to learn more.

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