Generally speaking hypnosis is not covered by MSP. There can be some instances where it may be covered as part of an extended benefits package.

We have found that both Blue Cross and Manulife do cover Vancouver Hypnotherapy services sometimes, even though they may not specifically allow hypnotherapy generally. We suspect this is because of our success with smokers. It appears to be a matter that can fall to the discretion of the plan manager, at the insurance company side. It is definitely worth calling your insurance company and asking if hypnosis for quit smoking, or other purposes is covered under the plan you have. Sometimes they appear to make exceptions, and our reputation appears to help.

Although hypnosis by a registered psychologist is sometimes covered, you have to ask yourself if you wish to work with someone who very likely only hypnotises one or two people a month. Unfortunately the limited methods and techniques employed by psychotherapists fail to meet the rigorous demands required by Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc.

Hypnotherapists at Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. work with up to five clients a day, and are extremely experienced. Additionally, our hypnotists train to substantially higher levels than a psychologist, who generally only receives a day and a half of training in hypnosis during their psychology degree.

There are a number of creative approaches to obtaining hypnotherapy services through health care plans, and health trusts. Some types of insurance provide coverage which you choose.

If you’re not sure if you’re covered, contact your plan manager. You may be surprised.