We are located in one of the most vibrant creative centres in North America. As a result we have many clients from among the cast and crew of the multitude of movies and TV series filmed in Vancouver. To date we have had cast and crew from Xmen, Xmen 2, X3,StargateThe 4400SmallvilleBattlestar Gallactica, Night at The Museum  and many others as clients of Vancouver Hypnotherapy.

Additionally our musical and fine arts clients include many well known artists and performers. We are always happy to support the creative heart of ‘Hollywood North’.

Often we are asked to provide an additional level of confidence for clients either starting out in a performance career, or already established, but requiring additional support. We are always happy to do so.

For people starting out in a performance career we have a special program specifically designed to meet their needs. We help you understand the importance of knowing your key skill set – you are likely a performer, not a marketer. If you are not marketing well, of course you are not going to sell out the house every night. That doesn’t mean you haven’t delivered the performance of a lifetime. Many developing artists fail to see that success isn’t measured in dollars, initially. That comes later, and with organization. Developing confidence in your craft is a very different process, to getting sales.

We help you build confidence in your audience. You are not going to sell out BC Place tonight, most likely – though several clients of Vancouver Hypnotherapy have. Your first audience is likely a few friends and family. Then you widen it a little. Then you begin to reach out a little more and do some networking. If you are developing a following, you are succeeding by any measure. Success takes time. We help you develop the confidence to stand the test of time, and be there when opportunity knocks on your door.

Our special four session program of hypnotherapy for performers confidence may be just what you need.