Anxiety is the underlying cause of a multitude of challenges faced by people today. And yet, it is often overlooked when treating patients in the orthodox medical system. We are happy to say we are experts in this field, and we’re here to help. All Vancouver Hypnotherapy therapists have completed specialist training in working with anxiety issues.


The video below is used in the training of therapists working with stress clients. Our methods are not only highly effective, but are becoming an industry standard in terms of the way in which stress management can be improved using hypnotherapy.


In the extraordinary video below we can see how hypnosis can be used to instill fear. This is a technique well known among some types of hypnotist – though one which is not used in a therapeutic forum. However, it does illustrate quite graphically how the mind can be manipulated both toward and away from a fear response.



Understandably, you can see why it’s a good idea to have a practitioner that is competent to work in the area of anxiety and stress before simply contacting the first you find on Google. Our therapists are trained to the highest of standards in this type of work. Contact us today to learn how you can learn to control and manage anxiety. We’re always happy to help.

You can start to work on your anxiety issues today by using one of our popular self hypnosis MP3 downloads. They can be found here:

Ultimate Hypnosis Downloads
Ultimate Hypnosis Downloads