On this page you’ll find several files which can be used in conjunction with MP3 files on http://UltimateHypnosisDownloads.com

The best way to do this is as follows.

1. Listen to one of the Therapy files.
2. Listen to a self hypnosis file from http://UltimateHypnosisDownloads.com
3. Leave it 24 hours, and then listen to the next therapy file and MP3 file.

When working with anxiety one can listen to the self hypnosis files in sequence or with just one or two of them repeatedly.

Below are some simple prerecorded therapy talks about anxiety and how you can work to improve your situation. We often suggest clients listen to one fo the files below and follow it with a self hypnosis file from  http://UltimateHypnosisDownloads.com.  This can work extremely well as a substitute or supplement to one on one therapy.

Anxiety Therapy Session #1.



Anxiety Therapy Session #2.



Anxiety Therapy Session #3.