Our mehod of working with alcohol issues has proven a viable and effective process for either alcohol reduction or elimination. We now offer this service to remote clients via our Alcohol Management Program.

In this process we take you through ten steps to reduce or eliminate your alcohol use in a safe and managed manner.

As you likely know, rapid reduction in alcohol use can cause many issues. You may have heard of ‘delirium tremens’, the ‘DTs’, or otherwithdrawal effects from over use of alcohol. We help you manage reduction and detox in a manner that is proven, safe and above all easy.

The first part of the process is free. This gives you a taster of what is to come. You are then required to subscribe and pay for the continuing program and we get into the serious end of the process.

Every few days you receive an email which advances you along ten steps. These emails include links to self hypnosis files, and counselling sessions. Having worked with thousands of clients our therapy team has created a series of counselling recordings that reflects the most common and most successful therapy sessions a client would have in our offices in  Vancouver.

Already this system has helped many clients. We’d be delighted to help you too.

You can sign up for the free program here:

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To pay US$ 74.95 for the paid section of the program use the button below: