Escaping an Existing Addiction: a service for clients prepared to come to Vancouver


I have considerable success getting clients off entrenched existing addictions, including crack and crystal meth. Many such clients are involved in situations where the local social triggers contribute to their addiction. One of the great advantages of hypnosis is that it can be used to address such triggers.


A common criticism of ‘rehab centres’ is that the client, once they return to their existing social situation, is exposed to many of the original triggers once again – often resulting in reuse and a return to the original state. A further criticism is that the client, whilst in the rehab centre, is exposed to a multitude of addicts – and often adopts associations that can severely hinder their recovery. Misery truly does love company.

These criticism of rehab are very valid, however I have successfully put a new twist on this with many clients. I now accept clients from throughout Canada and the US, and accommodate them locally in suitable hotel facilities. They are away from other addicts, and are then managed intensively in a regime of fitness and therapy. This includes working with a therapist, a personal trainer and attending physical exercise classes in a ‘non rehab’ environment. This can be anything from Yoga classes to swimming lessons. The objective is to reintroduce a healthy regime of mind and body function to the client. The risk that they will return to their addiction use is acknowledged and addressed, though the primary objective of this ten day process is the removal of the use of the drug in question, in a caring and non judgmental way.

Clients fly in, are met at Vancouver International Airport, and are then chaperoned to their accommodation. They are also provided with a schedule. The client is expected to attend daily therapy sessions and complete a series of physical exercise classes. A personal trainer experienced in drug rehab work also attends to them as required. The client is monitored on a daily basis and provided with whatever they need to move forward from their addiction. They are expected to get themselves to their therapy sessions and activities, but these are generally within walking distance in the beautiful city of Vancouver.

The client typically begins to grow more self reliant daily. In extreme cases they may be asked to surrender their credit cards and cash etc., though this is rarely necessary. If the client is considered to be putting themselves at risk they will be provided a chaperone. Eventually the clients re-evaluate their position. By the time they return to their home they are already moving forward. At that point I step back – our role is limited to one of clean up in this program. However, where possible I am able to either provide or direct the client towards their next step forward.

Often, if we can just get things stabilized, a future path can be drawn up. The removal of the client from their locality is very helpful in this process. In most cases the client ceases their drug use and comes successfully through their program. Throughout they are carefully monitored and a contact person is available 24 hours a day to assist them.
Because the client is not in an institutional environment they do not become dependent on it. It is a little more like going away for ten days of training. They are not exposed to the very people they are trying to avoid becoming. This is a very different, however effective approach. It fosters self reliance, self respect and physical health.


They vary. If a client needs to be worked with at 2 am in the morning because of extreme withdrawals, we do it. We also charge for it. Typically a client will pay around $6500 for the ten day treatment. Itemized billing is provided. This can vary according to what accommodation we assign. This will generally be four or five star hotel accommodation. The accommodation is chosen by the location (it has to be ‘safe’ for an addict), and by facilities. My personal trainers will work with the client in the gym, pool or saunas etc., to provide a personal service. Additionally the client is expected to attend a series of nearby local classes. Because of the one on one nature of this program costs are going to vary from client to client. I do stay in contact with the clients family or spouse throughout the process.


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