Working with the addiction

Individuals who are regularly using large amounts of narcotics (including pot), are placing their bodies under a huge strain. The toxicity in the body as a result of drug use shows itself in numerous ways. One very simple indicator is skin condition. The body tries to rid itself of what is essentially a poison. It’s quite normal for a client with a heavy pot habit to have poor skin, or unexplained rashes.

Poisons stress the body in ways that are unfamiliar. If you run a mile, you expect to be out of breath, to feel tired and to want to sit down. The body exposed to long term poisoning feels much the same way – though of course you are not really out of breath. You feel the effects of the imposed stress in other ways.

The graphic below comes from a client whose continued drug use resulted in her heart being stressed. The index in the lower left combines skin temperature, blood pressure and heart rate to form a ‘coherence’ reading. The higher this reading the more relaxed the person. High stress is indicated by the red bar. 74% of the time she was monitored she was experiencing high levels of stress. A normal reading would be less than 50% in most people. Many people can get this number as low as 20%.


A key indicator in this case is the ‘variance’ between high and low heart rate. In fact there were times this client fluctuated between over 120 beats per minute and 50 beats per minute. In the early period of monitoring her variance is extreme – and yet this had become quite ‘normal’ for her. While there are many things that can contribute to this, it’s a strong indicator that the client is under severe physical stress (often with an emotional cause or trigger). As can be seen, when the session continues, her variance reduces. During the period she was in hypnosis it briefly comes down to an acceptable level of 75 – 85 beats per minute.

After this first session she returns to a condition of high stress – however in this case she is then empowered with the tools to deal with the stress, and combat the causes. As treatment progresses she will be seen to come out of this stress level.

The second graphic (below) shows the same client while going through some effects of withdrawal from her addiction. Keep in mind that an addict withdrawing from one addiction often leans on another. As crystal meth goes down, in an unmanaged situation alcohol or another synthetic (often anti depressants or methodone) goes up. This in turn stresses the client’s system further. During a craving cycle the body is literally crying out for its poison. This is very much what is going on in this case. In the case of cocaine many physiological effects of the drug will be simulated in the body (constriction of arteries, etc) as the body tries to imitate the action of the drug. It will literally ‘pretend’ to be stoned to try to relieve the craving. Cravings place the body in a severely stressed condition.


In the final graphic (below) a hypnosis session is conducted that brings the client completely to where she should be. Her levels of variance are acceptable. Her stress level is brought very much closer to normal, and she is now through the addiction. She will always be an addict – though now one that is recovering. These readings took place over about a month. The change in physiological indicators were not as marked as the change in her emotional well being. She reconnected with family, with herself and is living in a drug free way to her satisfaction and those around her. She understands herself much better, is dealing with the remorse she feels about her problem, and has quite literally turned her life around.


It’s worth keeping in mind that a traditional approach, medicating her off her addiction (crystal meth) and creating a methodone addiction could not have achieved this. Additional treatments for depression, skin condition, high blood pressure, lack of energy and insomnia would likely have introduced so much toxicity into her body that she would never regain a normal level of stress at either an emotional or physical level.