The emotional impact of narcotic addiction is lasting and painful. It can be managed in hypnosis much the same as any trauma is managed. If it is not addressed it will usually result in triggering an alternative addictive behavior. This may be anything from excessive drinking, physical abuse (yes – bullying is addictive), or something fairly benign such as nail biting. In many cases it will result in a return to the original addiction. This is why many medical approaches to addiction simply fail. If the emotional triggers are not managed it is only a matter of time before they re-engage.

There is something that should be kept in mind while going through this process. For the committed individual, it is possible to come back from even the most serious addiction. This may be the hardest thing they ever do – but it will usually make them into a person with a wider experience and greater understanding of themselves than they would otherwise ever achieve. Like any important journey, this is one that will be tough, and will take the traveler to their personal limits, but one that will reward them in ways they cannot imagine whilst in the darkness of the storm.

One of our clients put it very well (a young lady who became addicted to cocaine at 19 and at 31 could barely remember her last 8 years) – “I’m over this now. I’ve got my life back.”