Post Rehab Care.

One of the most trying parts of the journey from addiction is what happens after a client has been to rehab. To place the client directly back into an environment that possibly contributed to the emergence of the addiction is an area that is fraught with difficulty.

When measuring the likelihood of success for a client, one of the key indicators in the equation is ‘Will the client be placing themselves in the same environment in which the addiction developed?’ At Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. Part of the support we offer clients is to make the post rehab experience one that is likely to continue to progress toward a successful outcome.

Many people coming out of rehab feel abandoned. We often hear clients telling us their follow up after rehab was either inadequate or simply too superficial. When you really think about it, going from a situation in which support is offered almost 24 hours, to a position of zero support, the results are unlikely to be positive. Additionally, as anyone who has been through rehab will tell you, only after the rehab does the real work begin. Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. is able to support clients at this stage of their recovery, and help them cope with either a new environment, or bring about the changes they need to make their environment more healthy.

Recovery is literally something you work at every day. We are there, right beside you, to work on this too.

Typically a recovery plan would include seeing one of our therapists at an agreed interval over an extended period. For some clients, immediately after rehab this may be every second day for a short time. Then it may shift to once or twice a week. It can even be once a month.

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