Recover from narcotics addictions with Hypnotherapy

Many of our clients have spent time in rehab, and eventually turn to Vancouver Hypnotherapy as they find they require further assistance. There are good reasons for this. Hypnosis addresses the challenges of narcotics addiction effectively. We work with heroine, cocaine and meth addiction on a regular basis, as well as other narcotic addictions. We are able to offer several approaches, including the weaning and removal of an existing addiction or management once clean.

Our therapists are trained in specific hypnosis techniques to manage and overcome addiction. This is a very different type of hypnoptherapy to that practiced by general hypnotherapists. Vancouver Hypnotherapy hypnotherapists are trained to the highests THA (Technical Hypnotherapy Association) standards, with a specialisation in addictions training which far excede the standards offered in general hypnotherapy.

Clients with addictions to crack, cocaine, pot and other chemically addictive drugs show positive results over a period of therapy. While immediate results are achieved when dealing with usage reduction, anxiety, stress and sleep disturbance aspects of recovery, the ongoing addiction can only be managed with prolonged therapy and a determined approach to seeing through a plan aimed at conquering the addiction.

We have successfully worked in this way with many clients. This is a rigorous process and it demands determination from the client. However, the results are effective and evident swiftly.

Prior to being accepted as a client we meet you and conduct a screening interview. The objectve of this is to identify if you are a suitable candidate for this type of treatment. About 70% of people who approach us are accepted. We need to statisfy ourselves that the energy and effort that are invested in our process are likely to be successful. The reality is that we have many people wanting assistance, and finite resources. We have to be selective in where we position our effrots, and will only usually accept a client who fits a profile which is likely to be successful. After many years of experience we have found this to be the wisest use of our limited resources – and the one that allows us to work in the areas most likely to deliver successful solutions to our clients.

Clients are provided with a treatment plan, and are required to commit to the process. Understanding addiction is important. Read this document to learn more about addiction, and how hypnosis can be used to resolve it.
We help clients through withdrawal and can assist in the management of recovery from addiction to various narcotics. During this process we work on stress reduction as well as management of cravings and effects of withdrawal. We use hypnotherapy as well as biofeedback entrainment techniques to reduce the level of suffering the client is exposed to.

Our success in this field is self evident. What is sometimes overlooked is that every success in this work is a joint effort, and as much the result of the client’s effort as our own. When it comes to addictions to hard drugs, there are no magic wands. However, we can make the process of kicking the habit considerably easier, and less damaging.

Unlike many hypnotherapists we take clients with cocaine addictions – however we do expect a solid commitment from the client to work through a minimum of 10 hours hypnotherapy. The first session tends to be about 4 or 5 hours, and subsequent sessions are an hour, or sometimes two hours, several times a week.

We charge higher rates for cocaine work. The amount is payable in full when treatment starts. We charge $2250 for ten hours work. Anyone familiar with working with cocaine addictions will understand why. We expect clients to be as committed as we are to our work. We have had substantial success in this field.

Understanding addictions generally, and narcotics (from marijuana, through crystal meth to crack cocaine) specifically, is a challenge for most people. It is a topic on which many of us have strong opinions in one direction or another. Our approach is to measure, stabilise, moderate and eliminate the use of the narcotic in question. We will help you understand the addiction, quantify it, and then take the appropriate actions to overcome it. Keep in mind that most people, on learning a friend or family member has a problem, are overwhelmed with concern, but in many cases have little understanding of the nature of addiction. We can help you reach informed decisions from a position of understanding. Understanding the background and history of some narcotics is a good place to start.

Rob works internationally on addictions. He is available to talk either with clients or addictions professionals individually or in groups. Contact him at