10 Day Addictions Work with Detox

In the case of extreme narcotics addictions we can provide our clients with a ten day residential program. In many cases this program is used by clients who have traveled to Vancouver from other locations, and they choose accommodation in one of several hotels with which we work.

This is a detox and treatment program. We work with the client daily, providing a schedule that starts at 7.30 am and continues through till 10.00 pm.

Typically clients working with us on this program have had crack, cocaine, heroin or crystal meth addictions. Extreme alcohol addiction clients have been through this program with a good rate of success.

This option includes working with a hypnotherapist each day, as well as a team which includes a personal trainer, nutritionist, and engages the client in daily yoga sessions. We work with a team to co-ordinate and oversee treatment. The program includes sauna and dietary cleans work, and engages a number of alternative health modalities that have been demonstrated successfully in our addictions work. The objective of this type of treatment is to provide an alternative to traditional detox centers, and work at shifting the clients belief and behaviour systems.

This approach has proved successful with numerous clients, and while intense in both labour and client involvement, it is – for certain clients – literally a life changing experience.

Our rates for this process vary. We screen clients before acceptance, which is why our success rates are substantially higher than many detox centres. Call for further details: 604 484 0346.