Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. has been providing solutions for clients facing addictions issues since 2007. Our approach spans social, psychological and physiological aspects of addiction and is one of the few that provides a lasting and effective all round approach to putting addiction behind you.

We have worked with a broad spectrum of addictions and provided lasting relief for hundreds of addictions clients. You will find our approach refreshingly different. Our primary goal is to halt the addiction. Additionally we look at the causes and social factors, and put in place the right tools to prevent you sliding back into use at a later date. Additionally many clients choose our ‘maintenance program’ which provides on going support as required.

What is addiction?

There are many definitions of addiction. The one we work with is as follows:

An addiction is the compulsive or habitual use of any behaviour or substance in a manner that negatively impacts the life of the individual.

Our objective is to move you past this time in your life. You will begin to look back on the period of your addiction as an aberration, and move forward into a new future. While addiction is a disease, it is one we have the power to move past. Using techniques which are now taught all over the world, Rob Hadley or one of our other therapists will build up your ability to resist the urge to use behaviour or substances that have been hurting you.

In this graph we show the breakdown of addictions clients we’ve worked with over the last five years. In this particular graph we do not include nicotine or food as addictions, as they are managed radically differently.VHI_Addictions

N.B. As of May 2015 we’ve seen a substantial upturn in the use and request for support of clients using heroin. This is an area in which we are experiencing substantial success.

Some of our clients have long term addictions, and have tried virtually everything available to overcome these challenges. Many approaches simply fail to address the underlying issues associated with belief, and with conditioned behaviour, and as a result the client slips back into use over time. Few people would now deny that these are the very aspects that hypnosis is best applied to – and yet few rehab centres use hypnosis.

Our approach is to bring our clients to a point where they realise they could use, but choose not to. After all, anyone can stop using if locked in a rehab centre with 24 hour supervision. To us, that is simply not a success. Success comes from choosing not to use.

We’ve turned around the lives of many of our clients. Our success rates are very high. We do, however, screen applicants. We choose to work with about 70% of people who apply for our addictions programs. The reason we turn away some clients is quite simple. We have limited resources, and can only work with those who have a viable chance of success.

Who uses hypnotherapy to work with addictions?

Great question. The best way to answer that is to look at a number of Client Profiles. These are profiles generated from our data systems, that look at specific clients and build a brief bio. The ones below have been anonymized to prevent any invasion of privacy, however are quite representative of VHI clients.


Name Issue
Angela Gambling
Bridgette Alcohol
Mark Binge Cocaine
Jeff Constant Use Cocaine


Can any hypnotist work in addictions?

Catagorically “No!” The techniques we have developed are refined and specific to the addiction the client is experiencing. Working with addictions is far from simple. A hypnotherapist who is not thoroughly versed in safe methods of working with addictions is a dangerous choice. For example, to simply stop an extreme alcohol client from drinking regularly is technically possible using hyposis, but unless done properly this could easily result in seizures, hallucinations and potentially worse outcomes. As a company with six therapists we have covered an enormous amount of ground in this field. Our training systems are in use all over the world, and our staff continually upgrade their skills in this area. Our methods are proven, and having worked with a wide range of different addictions and substances, we’ve developed a depth of experience simply unavailable to other hypnotherapists in the Vancouver area. We offer a highly specialised service, backed up by years of experience and many successful clients.

What happens if I’d like to use this method?

Each applicant is met, and interviewed. If they look like a good fit, judging from the success of previous clients, then we choose to work with them. They may work with one or several of our therapists in the course of their program. If the subject looks like a likely candidate we will work with them. This decision is made by a panel of therapists following a screening session. Addictions sessions are billed in advance.


Working with Rob Hadley:


Rob Hadley is one of North America’s leading hypnotists. He has been a leader in the field of addictions hypnosis for many years. He teaches addictions hypnotherapy method throughout the world. He has been a director of The Vancouver Addictions Centre for the last 4 years.


Numbered among successful clients of Mr. Hadley are household names in the world of sport and entertainment. Additionally he has worked with many individuals who guard their privacy very carefully. He has been known to say that “My addictions clients are more likely to own the bank than rob it.”

To work with Rob Hadley please email him directly here