Our certified clinical hypnotherapists deliver an advanced form of clinical hypnotherapy called Technical Hypnotherapy. Many are also instructors training other clinical hypnotherapists and psychotherapists in the use of hypnosis based therapies.

While some psychotherapists and hypnotherapist have a passing knowledge of hypnosis, our therapists work in this field everyday. They see many clients and are able to bring proven techniques to our clients. Additionally, because Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. provides skills upgrades to our therapists, our team remains at the cutting edge of hypnosis methods.

We have a range of therapists specializing in specific disciplines. Our therapist are the most highly trained you will find in Vancouver, and in most cases lead the field in their area of specialisation. We are able to offer prompt treatment at prices most other therapists are unable to match. No therapist working alone can hope to provide the level of service and detail that our system can provide.

We work in the most challenging areas of hypnotherapy. We support clients confronting issues of varying degrees of magnitude.

We are available to help, even when there’s no obvious road ahead. In the past we’ve found solutions for clients who have virtually given up.

The video above is one we recently produced to introduce some of our therapists. In view of the volume of work passing through the doors of Vancouver Hypnotherapy Inc. it is not surprising that we have the most experienced therapists. No other therapy company locally can offer this depth of expertise or this range of therapy solutions.

In many instances, we can help where other options have failed.

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